9 Ways To Memorizing Lyrics and getting Them To Stick

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Have you ever listened to a song that always catch your attention? Have you ever listened to a song that someone close to you love to always play, but you always finding difficulties in memorizing them and getting them to stick in your mind..... Below are 9 ways to memorize the lyrics of that catchy tune you have been finding difficult to memorize.

1. Stay away from anything that would interrupt your concentration such as TV, crowd and just lock yourself in a noise free area.

2. Lay down on your bed or find a comfortable place to relax.

3. Now listen to the song closely with your eyes closed, try to understand what the song is about and also understand it by yourself. If you are not sure about certain words just be calm and keep listening.( you do this to feel the passion behind the song and understand what the song really mean)

4. Find the lyrics on a lyrics-site such as www.metrolyrics.com and print out the lyrics.

5. Listen to the song again, but read the lyrics while listening.

6. Keep listening to the song while reading the printed lyrics untill you finally know the lyrics.

7. After listening about 4 times while reading the printed lyrics, Turn off the music and now sing the song by yourself while reading the printed lyrics.

8. To memorize it even successfully, try writing down the song by yourself.

 9. Now, listen to the song again and sing along without the lyrics.

 You should be able to memorize the lyrics by now. Congratulations!
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