Bukom Banku Needs A Lawyer To Sue D Black and Joy Daddy

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Ghanaian boxer, Bukom Banku over the weekend clearly stated in an interview with Hitz Fm’s Dr. Pounds  that he received only GHC25,000 but not GHC100,000 from D Black and Joy Daddy after he won the fight titled ‘Revenge or Repeat’ between him and Ayitey Powers in Kumasi last year.

When questioned by Dr. Pounds whether he(Bukom Banku) has received the GHC100,000 which was written on the cheque after the fight, This is what he had to say
 “Master, my name is Briamah Kamoko aka Bukom Banku, if somebody said he has given me GHC100,000, the person should show his face. After the fight, D Black gave me only GHC25,000.”

“Nobody gave me GHC100,000, they gave me only the Range Rover. Even though they promised they would fly me to South Africa up till now, I haven’t been to the South Africa as well. Anytime I tried reaching D Black, all they would tell me is that, he has travelled to America, everyday America.” He added

He said, he is looking for a lawyer to aid him sue D Black, and that it’s been couple of months, he wants the remaining of the money and also wants to go to South Africa.

“I swear by the Holy Quran, If there is any lawyer out there who can help me sue D Black and Joy Daddy, the person should please come to my rescue.”

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