I did not like School - Majid Michel

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Amakye and Dede actor revealed in an interview with CNN African Voices that he hated going to school while growing up.

He said, "Growing up, I did not like school, I hated it and was only interested in watching movies".

Speaking further on how his acting journey started, a neighbor introduced him to a modelling agency who was scouting for new people for adverts on both television and radio. He also revealed how he tried for the first time and failed but that did not discourage him from doing something he had grown to lover over the years.

After his first role in a television series; dubbed 'Things We Do For Love' he attended two film schools within five years and came back perfect.

"I remember after my come back from the Things We Do For Love series, I had a lot of positive reviews about my acting, people were saying, I had improved and all that but what they did not know was that they did not know is that, it's a sum of all I learnt and was trained for in school", he revealed.

Majid Michel also featured in the newest film, Amakye and Dede which has got alot of people talking.

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