BIE GYA SAGA- Criss Waddle Disses Shatta Wale

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Friends today enemies tomorrow, that's what is happening in the camp of Shatta Wale and Criss Waddle.

This whole beef generated from a new song titled "Bie Gya", which Criss Waddle featured dancehall star, Stonebwoy on and was released some few days ago. Shatta had also released a song with the same name (Bie Gya) before the official release of Criss's own.

He was mocked and insulted for copying Shatta Wale.

Criss Waddle on a sunny Wednesday angrily posted a video on his social media page hitting hard at Shatta Wale. Criss while recording the video was seen jamming to Bie Gya by him and Stonebwoy. He then called Shatta a sell out and fake nigga revealing that he(Shatta) has not been loyal and even sold out his closest buddies Ara B, RM, D-Sheriff and more whom he started with. Criss said that was not the life of a gangster  He(Criss) also captioned the video by writing this;
 "Shatta Wale is a sellout, how can you sell your only industry soldier out because of a hit song "Bie Gya" hhmmm humans are so unpredictable#AMGCEOBADPASSTHEM"

Criss Waddle further stated that Charter House has sidelined him because he(Criss) supported him(Shatta) during a beef with Charter House.

Criss Waddle also said this;

"If you are a real gangster, meet me one on one, don't come with anybody and I will break your bone, or that your mouth, ago make e make extra big, ago punch am".

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