Azonto is Dead - Ball J

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Alfred Hanson a music producer and artiste, popularly known in showbiz as Ball J has described the existence of  Azonto in Ghana as ‘dead’.

The producer revealed that azonto is a dance and not a genre of music, which he said was killed by the start of the succeeding Alkayida trend.

  “Azonto is dead. What do we have as Ghanaians, it is highlife. We need to do it, that’s the reality, that is what we have unless we have something new, and that new thing we had was Azonto. Fuse did it, E.L does it and then everybody just backs off because they said Alkayida is in the system, we threw an Alkayida bomb to Azonto, 'boom’ and its gone”, he said Speaking on The BigX Show on Radio Univers 105.7Fm.

Ball J released an album on the 6th of June this year, dubbed ‘Big Six’, which summarizes a total of six songs, a citation to the founding fathers of Ghana.


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