Rumours Has It That The Marriage between Mmebusem and Abena Boatemaa Is a Movie

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People have been doubting the marriage between Ghanaian actor Justice Hymns known as mmebusem and Abenaa Boatemaa.

But the one in question, Justice Hymns has brush-off all rumours and cleared all doubts through various interviews nationwide.

"All these rumours and various comments on social media and other websites claiming my marriage is a camouflage are all lies and these attitudes of some Ghanaians towards my wedding has made my inlaws felt very much disappointed."
Mmebusem said in an interview with Daniel Penti of

Our Source revealed to us that the president of Rising Hope Foundation, a non governmental organization concerned with people with disabilities Mr.Isaac Kissi kankam has confronted mmebusem to know the exact secret behind his marriage.

Our source continued to reveal to us that Mr.Kissi also raised concern on the way most of his colleagues especially Big Akwes lambasted him on his TV show and claimed that was not in the rightful manner. He felt compassionate upon hearing the truth and has asked mmebusem to use this secret in movie narration so as to unveil to the world the secret behind his marriage which is not yet confirmed as been accepted by mmebusem.

Big Akwes lambasted saying "mmebusem married because of poverty in his family and wants to take advantage to inherit the richness in her family.
He also added that mmebusem is a scam and the family of the lady has invoked a curse that anyone who marries their daughter and get her divorced later will die untimely.

He finally said mmebusem should make sure to bring his wife to all their social gatherings.


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