THE TRUTH GOSPEL GROUP: The new group on the block in Ghana.

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They are young, ambitious and determined to break even. Unlike most youth their age, who are yet to figure out what they want, these ones have already carved a niche for themselves in Ghana’s driving gospel music industry.
Christian Asigeh, Samuel Sosu and Emmanuel Love are prodigies, one of kind musicians. From various individual musical backgrounds of Hip Life, R&B and HiP HOP they joined to become the rave of the moment in Ghana gospel music.

Their brand “The Truth Gospel Group’ is poised to make a difference through preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ via music.

Their music are played on both local and international radio stations. They have also performed live in many stages of tertiary institutions including Sound Splash (TV Africa) in 2016.

With The Lord being on theirside, they have been able to bring out some powerful gospel music since 2014 to date.

I must thank GOD

God so love the world

GOD is not dead

Mawu Elolo (God is great)

Thy kingdom come

Not too late

Apostle prayer

Shower your blessing


Wait for long


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