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Dear Ladies,

Not long ago, about a month or so ago. There was the Alicia Keys no make up campaign going viral all over the internet. In her letter,  she explained what lead her into using make up, that is: Inferiority complex and how she had come to love herself without make up.
Well,  it was a worthy course but as usual,  not all of us will agree with her because we are all different and have different reasons for the things we choose to do. But it doesn't mean that we over do things.

Ladies, too much of everything is bad. God has created you in His own image and likeness out of His perfect wisdom. You are beautiful just the way you are. You don't need to virtually paint your face,  wear padded undies, bleach your skin, wear revealing clothes to look like someone you are not only to gain approval.
When I see facebook updates of ladies with painted face(heavy makeup), artificial eye lashes,  scrapped eye brows which have been replaced with thick pencil lines saying "no fake things, we keeping it real", I just wonder what that means.

Wearing short, tight, revealing clothes accompanied by painted face and bleached skin won't add anything to your dignity as a woman, it rather subtracts from it. Someone may call it confidence. Please it is not, maybe you should read the description given to the immoral woman in the Bible.

Sisters, the key words should be decency and moderation.
1 Timothy 2:9 says "I also want the women to be MODEST and SENSIBLE about their clothes, to dress PROPERLY, not with fancy hairstyles or with gold ornaments or pearls or expensive dresses.
I am not preaching "no make up". I am preaching DECENCY AND MODERATION.
You can use your makeup, do your dressing up but with decency and moderation.
As a Christian lady, you should also know that you are not your own, you've been bought at a high price of precious blood shed. Your body has become the temple of God. Please give some respect to it and glorify God with your body.

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