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Hello lovely people, it's your girl #ThatEweGirl.
Recognising the needs and interests of the youth, with the will and zeal to address them, we at xpotainmentgh have added an interesting label that most entertainment blogs and websites do not have to our features.
This label, CREATIVE WRITING, is going to serve your interests in the arts of poetry, spoken word, drama, etc etc.
We hope to serve you with mouth watering, spicy pieces of write ups and interviews from upcoming creative writers that will leave you asking for more, even though you might feel full up, you'll never be satisfied. Just like eating some bowl of fufu with good pepper soup, that leaves your nose running and almost breathless but you'd still go for more.
So for the month of December, we aren't going to let 2016 end without giving you something good to be thankful of in addition to all that you've had and enjoyed.
So for every Monday, starting from 12th December 2016, we'll come your way with a piece of a writing of poetry accompanied by an interview with the artiste.
Here are the 3 people we are going to be having fun with;
1. African Spear
2. Kwame Legacy
3. Abotreh

So since we'll be starting with African Spear, here's a little bit you should know about him before the interview.


Personal profile

Name: Awuah-Mainoo Gabriel

Gender: Male

Industry: literary arts
Industry2: sports and recreation.

Interests; writing, music, sports.

Occupation: tennis player, poet and writer.

Location:  Ghana, Accra.

Favorite music: "To music" A baroque composition.

Qualities : respect,kindness,trust and tolerant.

Favorite quote(s):
1.Man can be
 destroyed but not defeated.

2.Man is his own star and the soul that can be honest is the only perfect man.

Favorite poem:
"All the world's a stage" by William Shakespeare.

Favorite prose: "old man and the sea"
By Ernest Hemingway.

Favorite colours: blue, sea blue, Ash, white and gold.

Hair colour:  black

Face shape:  round

Height:  6 feet

Religion: Christianity (St. Augustine's Catholic Church)

Alma Mater: Ashiaman Secondary School

You shouldn't miss this interview. It's 12th December 2016.

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Creative Writing

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  1. great profile africanspear
    i think you are destined for greatness, to write more and change lives
    i hope i am not too old to write poetry? i think am dying to have a partnership with you ... just name a theme... i will gladly put my novice skills together .... plssssssss just say yes to me...

    thanks in advance