Creative Writing: Your dessert; AFRICAN SHAKESPEARE EXPERIENCE

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Hey there! It's me again oo #ThatEweGirl.
I'm not even going to waste anytime with your dessert. I promised and I'm going to deliver it, here and now! The interview was great, we all enjoyed it and now here is the dessert of "AFRICAN SHAKESPEARE EXPERIENCE". Two amazing poems writen with weaves of intertwining words and expressions. Enjoy!


Bleaker nights gently fade away
Upon th’ mountain chest
And th’ beautiful days gladly vacate
O’er th’ soundless clapping waters
A sweet hymn simmers right th’ window side
Amid a greener landscape
Down an ageless colorful foliage
As a grey folk wakes to solitude.
Ah! Where hath mi wondrous singer wander?
O, mi little humming bird
Why hath thee ditched mi spirit
Upon th’ blankness of the lonely night?
Come you, such wondrous creature!
For mi spirit yearns for thy nocturnal rhymes.

 ©Awuah Mainoo Gabriel

Gabrielean sonnet #12

Girls of my youth

When they grow two apples on their chest
You’ll see their skirts below knees
Hyped breast-meat on the market
“Foolish men come and buy” they auction.
As they carry burdens of Brazilian gods on their heads.

“Brother, serve my desires
And I’ll lend you my innocence”
Gullible nymphet!
Posed like a homeless whore
And renting th' devil in th' pant.

Quick fame, flashy stuffs
Scary brows, crayoned nails.
Flirting with dual heart
And inhaling a stinking life into a sacred shrine.
Doomed spirits!
Damned agents of Jezebel!

Th' makers’ reflection
Why bruise thy chasteness?
Canst thou feel thy soul
Weeps abyss a gateless grave?
Thy death is as disgusting as never.

Technology brought ease
But destructive
Fashion arrived in modes
And brought unconscious madness
All these―worthless;
Dim stars in the night.

But she that finds true light
Possesses all fame, honors
Genuine luxuries, divine pleasures;
Who amongst men
Blesses man fairly to the utmost?

Thou holy temple of Christ
It is in thy holy temple that the light lives
Recoil from th' black night
Seek th' light
Hence thy ways shalt be bright
And thy life--be right.

 ©Awuah Mainoo Gabriel
The poetrybank group.

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