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What is love? if you google; their response about love is different from mine, to them "Love is a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection ("I love my mother") to pleasure ("I loved that meal"). It can refer to an emotion of a strong attraction and personal attachment", majority will clap and applause them for their worldwide definition, I see love to be a "Way Of Life", from the above definition of love, it only talks about affection.

Love is like the two sides of a coin, a person may love you simple because of the benefits he gets from you or love you because of a quality you possess, being it Intelligence, Beauty, Wealth, Religious or Character, all the same, the love is because of a physical possession or an inward quality. I always tend to ask myself why can't one be loved for nothing, some will argue that, they love God, but their inner reason is to avoid being thrown to hell, loving God should reflect in your way of life, and that goes back to my definition of love.

The way of life consists of both positive and negative influences of Love. Most people only think of the positive side of LOVE without thinking of it negative side. If love is one-sided it is painful but can't be compared to the pain of a person who has loss someone, by death or because of a mere misunderstanding (cheating, not caring etc.), either way you have loss someone so dear to your heart, but lets go a little deeper, from these two examples, death and misunderstanding; one is a permanent loss and the other can either be temporal or permanent loss depending on the pass or future situations.

Sometimes we try our best to be loved, and being needy kills attraction, no on can be forced to love, it happens naturally and can't be controlled, love can cause hatred, but hatred can't cause love, a person might hate someone just because the person has stolen the "heart" of the person he or she loves. Ask yourself is "Love" worth having?, if you are to go with the general definition, either  "YES" or "NO", it has to come up with an explanation, but on the other hand, if you choose to go with my definition your answer will be just "YES". As far as you understand that, LOVE is a way of life, not just an attraction or feelings, you will be comfortable with both of its influences, your emotions won't affect your intelligence and the disparaging associated with the loss of someone won't let you loose focus for a very long time, though it will have an effect on you and might even linger in your mind forever.I am not a walking encyclopedia in the field of "LOVE", but my understanding of "Love is that, Love is way of Life".

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