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It's the Boxing Day edition of Poetry Experience. It's the last interview for the month and of the year. Enjoy.

#ThatEweGirl: Good evening Abotreh

Abotreh: Good evening Miss

#ThatEweGirl: Where does the name Abotreh come from

Abotreh: Abotreh(abotr3) is a Twi word that mean 'patience'. I chose it because I am fond of saying, ''3y3 abotr3''...
So, yes, that is where it came from.

#ThatEweGirl: Is that to say patience is one of your values?

Abotreh: Yes, exactly

#ThatEweGirl: So what are the others?

Abotreh: Humility and love

#ThatEweGirl: Love? I value love too. Anyway tell us something more about yourself in addition to your values

Abotreh: I am the first born' and second born of my dad and mum respectively. I am followed by three male siblings and I come after a female.
I am currently in final year studying Agricultural Science(BSc.) in University of Ghana, Legon. I am a Perscoba. I come from Kibi in the Eastern Region. I stay in Dansoman.

#ThatEweGirl: Ooooohhhh Persco! You know I repped that school when I was in high school?

Abotreh: Woow.... Hahaaa... Which school did you attend please?

#ThatEweGirl: Oh. I attended the school where flowers bloom brightly, where voices ring out clear and joyful, the school where you're safe beneath it's care. I attended St Mary's SHS

Abotreh: Wooow.. Lovely... Nice to hear... I love your school uniform, I must confess.

#ThatEweGirl: Oh thank you thank you. Hahaha. Anyway let's get back to you Abotreh.
Why poetry?

Abotreh: I believe it's a very nice way to put messages across.

#ThatEweGirl: What actually moves you to write? What inspires and motivates you?

Abotreh: Many things come to mind and i always want to put them down as poems for others to read. I love it when people read what I write. Moreover, as I said earlier, I believe that poetry is a nice way way of putting messages across.
I have come to a point where the sun does not go to bed without me writing a couple of full poem.
 I see poems in almost everything and at all times

ThatEweGirl: Free style please


Welcome home, O symbols. 
Welcome to Hannah's womb. 
Welcome home, sweet scented perfume.
Welcome from the land of idols. 

You were hiding in woods,
Waiting to show off your power,
Until a flame drew nearer 
To make good use of your goods. 

No more triggering of the inhabitants
Who lie within the bony compartments
Of gullies and lazy participants. 
Come and refresh me, O new moments.

© Abotreh

#ThatEweGirl: Wow! This is a great piece I must say. What do you do apart from poetry?

Abotreh: Thank you dear one. I am a student.  I'm into music and farming as well.

#ThatEweGirl: Farming?

Abotreh: Yes dear. I'm keeping a couple of rabbits in my house.

#ThatEweGirl: I think you're doing something that's rare. And keep it up. I don't know any youth who is excited about farming, but you seem to be.
How long have you been doing poetry and how far do you hope to go with it?

Abotreh: Thank you Miss. A little over one year is how long I have been doing poetry.
I wish to get books published for others to get the opportunity to read my poems.
I once published an eBook which contains about 31 poems from about 16 poets from different parts of the world. 'I Know My God' is the title of the anthology.

#ThatEweGirl: Oh great. That's impressive.
What inspiring words will you leave us with?

Abotreh: In you lies a mine, So make good use of it.

#ThatEweGirl: Please elaborate on it

Abotreh: Nobody is empty. A lot of good things lie in us all. It is wise to make good use of that which lies in us to engage the world.

#ThatEweGirl: Thanks so much for your time

Abotreh: I is a pleasure being interviewed by #ThatEweGirl

#ThatEweGirl: Thank you Evans.

I want to say a very merry Christmas and say thank you so much to you all.
It's been your girl #ThatEweGirl
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  1. Great, Abotreh! Great interview and wonderful revelations! Soar! ๐Ÿ˜‰