Poetry Experience. Kwame Legacy

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Tadaaaaaaaa!!!!! Food is ready and I'm so excited. It's the Christmas edition of poetry experience and without wasting time, let's enjoy this mouth watering meal set right before us. As made known earlier, we have with us Kwame Legacy.
#THATEWEGIRL: Good evening

KWAME‬: Good evening

#THATEWEGIRL: Kwame Legacy it is right?

KWAME: You got it right Miss Senam

#THATEWEGIRL: Well, welcome to xpotainmentgh. We are glad to have you here. Kindly tell us about yourself

KWAME: Thank you, am humbled for this opportunity.
Joseph Kwame Abradu my name. Mostly known to be kwame legacy, Son of the east. From the Akwapim soil, Larteh to be precise. 25 years And currently based in Accra

#THATEWEGIRL: "Son of the east" Wow you sounding poetic already. Give us a free style

KWAME‬: Son/sun of the east
Stronger the bea's't without the 's'
Am born of flesh not of wood
Born spirit not of scraps
Born of soul not of rags
Born again
New name
New game
No shame

I nurse words from the basics
I spit them in packs
I got  them in bags
Real testimony, poetry!
I spit them in bars
Retired rap guru, Hades!
Call me 2pac
sun/son of the east
I settle west not


#THATEWEGIRL: Amazing!!!!!!! They say to everything, there is a story. What's behind the name Kwame legacy and how and when did you get involved in poetry

KWAME: KWAME the name, LEGACY the regime, this as a signature of most of my pieces. We all know KWAME is an Akan name For a Saturday born. But the legacy came in when I realised most of the beautiful people across this globe get robbed by the cemetery with no explanation. They die without leaving any trace of their existence. So I once sat down and spoke to my soul, am not going to be a victim of the grave been robbed But I will rather rob the grave in return but without a gun or something. Instead I will make sure what ever I was brought to earth is definitely fulfilled I will pour what ever is within to the world and the generation to come. I promised my self to die empty and not old, I promised my self to leave a legacy, I promised my self to say IT IS FINISHED as Christ said on the cross. So I got a task as à living soul on earth to fulfil

#THATEWEGIRL: Mmmmm. That's really cool. So how and when did you start poetry

KWAME: Poetry was something I never thought of Miss Senam. What I was praying for was to being a motivational speaker. So I mostly speak to people to motivate them and one day I came across this guy on TV,  a gospel spoken word artist, DAVID BOWDEN. And after listening to him. The next moment I wrote my first piece, "Redeem me from the odd" And the journey begun. So I can say approximately two years in this life changing choice I made

#THATEWEGIRL: Do you mind sharing an extract from your first poem with us?

KWAME‬: Definitely,
Redeem me from the odd
Tears walk on my cheeks bunch like the sand at the sea shore
Fears drop panic as emergency calls
Broken hearted, daring to jump the six floor
Pride has over crowded my soul
A wicked law
Envy, slut is my wake up call
Gluttony, greed is the super Sharper sword that feeds my lunch
So I go own my knees
Lord Jesus, redeem me from the odd

‬It was a prayer I was rendering to God for a change which is inevitable

#THATEWEGIRL: If this is just an extract, I can say the poem is a great one. What's inspires and motivates you?

KWAME‬: God is the inspiration Miss Senam


KWAME‬: Miss Senam am sure you know you are God's image right?


KWAME: So if the Natty Ogli's, The Sonny rhymes, The Mr Felix of poetry bank, The sir black of ehalakasa, The bakomora's, The David Bowden's, Ofosua of belly talk, Shadrach of belly talk, Nana Amoaa of poetrybank, Akambo's, Motombo's, Ozion's, Ulaga, The Abotreh's, Dedzi of open air theatre amaze me and all the others inspires me. Then all things being equal, God indeed inspires since we are all in His image

#THATEWEGIRL: Wow! You're so on point! And I'm deeply touched. What do you find challenging when it comes to poetry

KWAME: Challenging? I see everything as a challenge. You know definitely the world itself is a challenge. So even, you interviewing me is a challenge to inspire me for greater things. Because I won't find surprising been interviewed at the Oscar's since you you paving the way for such great endeavour. So everything under the sun is a challenge to me. When it comes to this great choice to write and speak to erect conciousness

#THATEWEGIRL: So how do you cope with the challenges that come your way

KWAME‬: I really take a deep breath And say to my soul ALL IS WELL. You know why? Because there is nothing new under sun. What you might declare as a challenge have been solved through experience by a fellow as we call our selves in the poetry Bank group. So I chip in selected peoples advice's not forgetting paying allegiance to my maker through my knees for His guidance ,oya new day begins for when I fall I always try to lie on my back for if I can look up, I can get up

#THATEWEGIRL: That's motivational. What words of advice will you leave with us as we've almost come to the end of this interview

KWAME‬: My advice is so simple. Let's make GOD the equilibrium of our life, Let's try as much as possible we have just a snap figure of existence left on earth, let's Robb the cemetery Let's dare to die empty and not old And lastly let's try to get sick and tired of getting sick and tired. Our existence should be a trade mark of the 21st century

#THATEWEGIRL: Great. Thank you so much Kwame for honouring our invitation for this interview. We wish you all the best and Merry Christmas!

KWAME: Same to you. And thank you too.

Watch out for the last interview of the month
It's a time with Abotreh
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  1. God bless u , for inspirational quotes u r truly a blessing to d eastern n proud to HV as a bro

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  3. Wow! A true son of the hills and valleys.
    Indeed, you are made for great things.
    Even the sky is below your limits.

  4. Great interview senam and Kwame. Much much Grace.