Amartey Emmanuel also known as Pablo_scanty Hits the World with another writing of his!!! He calls this "SPOILT GENERATION". Barack Hussein Obama names it as one of His favorites.....

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We live in a generation that has become so educated, yet uneducated at the same time. More than ever, there is an increasing amount of students dropping out of school, and it?s not seen as a crime. Students who drop out of high school will earn roughly 200,00 cedis less than a high school graduate, and almost nearly a million cedis less than a university graduate who was adamant that they wont let society decide or control their future, simply because they were passionate. Dropping out of school is not a crime, but interesting enough, more than 75% of those who drop out, resort to committing crimes.

We live in a generation where the poor man's opinion is a crime. Girls are more worried about looking like super models rather than role models. They are more concerned about how many followers they receive, than doing what they believe and setting goals to achieve.

We throw up the hash tag #RelationshipGoals, simply because this is what we are aspiring to be or have. Girls want big booties and big breasts, expecting men to respect them because of their features, not knowing that to him, they?re just another one of his booty calls, because he?s nothing but a cheat. Guys don?t respect women. They?d rather have a #RideOrDie, because they know any trouble they get in, could be covered with a lie. There would be nothing for them to deny. They know that no matter what they do, they?ll get by.

We live in a generation where our ?Goals? are to have what we see other people have. We don?t seem to have any LIFE GOALS, CAREER GOALS. This is a generation that has lost the true meaning of oral communication, because we are blind and have no identification that our participation is a representation on who we are and what we want in life.

This generation has become addicts to a drug that gets stronger and stronger as the days go on. People can?t seem to lose interest in it, because it seems like every time anyone tries to get rid of its dangerous powers, the grip tightens and tightens, similar to that of a python. Everyday it provides people with more and more of the satisfaction they are seeking, showing no signs of slowing down its toxic consumption of mankind. It has become a mastermind that has made us blind, because we don?t see that with it, our lives have become pre-designed.

This generation has become addicts to technology. Kids are more concerned about their phones, than interacting with loved ones. Technology has possessed the power of connecting us with one another, yet disconnecting us even further. We sit at home posting ?selfies? and #home is bae, not realizing that we?re losing one thing we cant get back. Time. Time is something that waits for no one and yet we waste it away watching 6-second videos, retweeting pointless memes, or even posting worthless statuses. This generation has become so technologically advanced, that we have lost the abilities to perform little tasks without the need of technology. During our younger years of school, we were taught the simplest things, such as how to add or multiply, how to properly sound out words, yet its 2016, and I STILL know people who don?t know how to do something simple as being able to tell time on an analog clock.

You see this generation might just be the most spoiled generation yet. They don?t know the meaning of ?hard work? cause they don?t want to break a sweat. Caring for anyone or anything else doesn?t even cross their minds. They by pass beggars on the street and maltreat the poor and the meek. Somehow, our world is now only filled with ?I?S?. IPhones, IPods, IPads, so many ?I?s?. They have forgotten what it meant to show care and love to one other, because we are too drowned into our lives. We go to dinner, or maybe even a movie, and more than half the time you would still see people being solely invested into their device, rather than having a conversation with their company.

Not to say that this generation is the worst generation yet, but by the rate of things, wont be nothing but a couple years of the same routine, and we would openly be armed except the title. It?s sad to say that even though we live in the 21st century we are all still slaves. There?s only one difference though, and it?s that we don?t have the chains. But slavery runs through our veins.

by: Amartey Emmanuel 

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