Article Wan says he will never compose a political song - Find out why

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Article Wan has made it clear that he will never compose a political song in his music career because he produces music for all Ghanaians not for political parties.

The 'Solo hitmaker' said, composing a political song for a specific political party will mean taking sides which will affect his career as an artiste.

“No. I don’t have to stick myself with a political party because we do the music for everyone. so taking one party will affect me where I am, so I will not do that.”

When asked if he will compose if the money is good, he said;

“With me, if I say no it is no. I don’t think I will do that”.

In an interview with Pulse Ghana’s David Mawuli he said that he hopes to be the biggest thing in the music industry, winning a lot of awards including the BET and other  awards in the world.

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