Emmanuel Barton Odro – Making The Best Out Of The University

Emmanuel Barton Odro
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Many of you have heard a lot about life in the University, especially the high school graduates who are eager to experience that life. Well, today I share with you the story of a young gentleman who graduated with First Class Honors with a CGPA of 3.9 on a scale of 4.0 with several awards. He humbly goes by the name Emmanuel Jojo Barton Odro.

Emmanuel Barton Odro – Making The Best Out Of The University
I’m a simple young boy born on the 12th of April, 1993. I am a Monday born though. Let me take you to the university life. What is this life all about? It entails a whole lot. Before enrolling into university, I wanted to become a Mathematics tutor. So my High school tutors never understood why a student with 5As and 3Bs will be reading Bachelor of Education (Mathematics with Chemistry) but I really wanted to be a Mathematics tutor since I was so good at Mathematics.  I took all mathematics awards in SHS, Apam Senior High School. After Apam, I applied to three universities: University of Cape Coast (U.C.C), Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, and University of Ghana, Legon.

By God’s grace I had all admissions to study Mathematics. But I chose U.C.C because of the Bachelors of Education in Mathematics. Life in the university begun smoothly for me in my first year. You can imagine the change of environment, new faces and what have you. Academics begun after the necessary orientation had been done. "I was brought to school to learn so academics must be my first priority", I always said to myself. Having to attend early morning lectures created no room for laziness. Unlike senior high schools where there is enough supervision from authorities, there is no such stringent supervision in the universities. It is actually a one-man affair. I quite remember I used to sleep at lecture theatres just to make the grades and not always, but most especially when quizzes were approaching. Level 100 just passed away in a twinkle of an eye. I still wanted to achieve my dream so it was still all about academics.

Level 200 started in full gear. I had made a couple of friends and we used to learn together by organizing group studies. Life was not all about books, thus, we used to have fun as well. We went to the beach, visited tourist sites, etc. God was not left out of the journey as I continued to do His will and serve Him wholeheartedly.

Still in my 2nd year I found myself leading group studies, discussions and even teaching my course mates and juniors who had problems in Mathematics. This went a long way to help and boost my confidence level as I had almost all the formulae at my fingertips. I could walk all the way from my hostel to lecture theatres even in the evenings and weekends just to help juniors who had quizzes to write. The passion to teach had always been my dream. Accessing myself and my confidence level as well as my leadership capabilities, I decided to run for president for one of the largest student organizations in the University of Cape Coast i.e. Education Students' Association of Ghana (ESAG). I had a lot of criticisms when I made it public I would be running for presidency of the noble organization. Majority among them was that I was the only level 200 student competing with my seniors. Hard work and determination led to my victory in the elections. My love life also begun in this year. I can boast of a beautiful supportive lady. She encouraged me to run for the presidency of which I believe I won with a wide gap because of her support. She is currently in her final year in the University.

As the president of Education Students’ Association of Ghana (ESAG), University of Cape Coast (U.C.C) Branch, 2013-2014, we organized programs like National Mathematics camp, Mathematics sensitization to High Schools and seminars as a way of increasing students’ interests in mathematics. Also, the establishment of a functional Press (Where Education students benefited from this establishment) and many others.

I began my training as a mathematics instructor at Apam Senior High School, my Alma Mata, where I taught mathematics and chemistry for one academic year. My training was a part of my program requirement on experience of field work which I scored a Grade of A.

In addition to positions I held, Academics has always been my stronghold. My inquisitive nature and the strong desire to ingrain the fundamental principles as well as techniques of any subject enabled me to achieve an outstanding academic performance at the undergraduate level. I graduated in May 2016,with a BACHELOR OF EDUCATION (HONORS) degree in mathematics with chemistry with a cumulative grade point average of 3.9 on a scale of 4.0(FIRST CLASS)

In level 300 I had intentions of running for SRC Presidency, but doing my background check, the level of corruption on campus amidst the election year was high and thus I killed that intention since I didn’t want to get my hands dirty as I was from a Christian home.The finishing line was getting nigh thus man had to burn the midnight candle at both ends to come out with flying colours. My motive was:

As others are crawling, I would stand, as others are standing, I would walk, as others are walking, I would run, as others are running, I would soar above, as others are soaring above, I would be their standard. Amidst the challenges and with God on my side I came out successfully.

During level 400 I received two awards:
  • Best Mathematics Education Students
  • Overall best level 400 Education Student
During Graduation I received four awards:
  • Best Graduating student in The Department of Mathematics and ICT Education
  • Best Graduating student in the Faculty of Science and Technology Education
  • Overall Best Graduating student in the College of Educational Studies
  • Second Best Graduating student in the entire University of Cape Coast Graduating class of 2016
Due to my excellent performance, I was appointed as a chemistry teaching assistant (of which I am currently now) working directly under Dr. Francis Nsiah (Alberta University PHD) who is a senior lecturer in the University of Cape Coast (UCC).  My roles include assisting undergraduate course like CHE301 (Analytical chemistry), CHE 213 (Material chemistry) CHE 103(Introductory practical) and CHE 207 Practical (Physical/Inorganic) which has evolved favorable responses. As a teaching assistant, I organize tutorial sessions for students with special needs. I also grade students’ assignments and class tests.
I am looking forward to further my education at the Masters level after my Teaching Assistantship.

I would like to thank the Almighty God for making all these happen; if it wasn’t for him none of these life goals would have been achieved. I would also like to thank my family and every soul that has been a blessing to me one way or the other. God richly bless them.

Lest I forget, I wish to be President of the Republic of Ghana come the year 2052 and continue with the good works as well as make our nation great and strong. Hard work and determination have always been my hallmark since childhood so I believe with your help and God’s help this dream would come to pass.

My Advice to All
I shared my story because i want to encourage each and every one of you that with determination and hard work all our life goals can be achieved. The challenges would always be there but we must learn to overcome them. I always told myself these few things:
  1. Emma, don’t follow the crowd but follow the cloud because that is where God dwells.
  2. Pain is temporary, GPA is forever.
  3. Hard work doesn’t kill.
Stay blessed and God guide us all in all our endeavours.


This has been an inspiring story from Emmanuel. We wish him the best of luck in all his endeavors. Don’t forget what he said “don’t follow the crowd but follow the cloud because that is where God dwells.” You can connect with Emmanuel on Facebook via www.facebook.com/emmanuel.bartonodro
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