For How long shall we suffer??

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Every month or so, TV screens are filled with images of desperate people
somewhere battling a flood most especially on the streets of Accra. Fire outbreak here and there! Yet they say they care!
Our markets being burnt into ashes!
Innocent souls losing their lives!
Survivors being left homeless!
For how long shall we depend on the government to solve our problems and save us from this misery??? They just come take pictures with us while we are in pain, send them outside the country to raise funds and at the end the greater part of the money raised, remain in their pockets..

Do they even care whether we live or die??? After we vote them into power, what matters to them is their personal whims and caprices! It's about time we made these so called "Governments" know we can live without them!
Why don't we start cleaning our gutters?
Why don't we stop building in water logged areas?
Why don't we make sure we have good and well filled fire extinguishers in our homes and offices?
Why don't we fix our electrical faults both at home and offices?
Why don't we change our electrical cables when they are old and weak?
Why don't we stop illegal electricity connections in our homes and offices?
I know and believe that when these questions are considered, the rate at which flood and fire outbreaks kill people in our country will reduce drastically... Let's all come together to build a better and healthy nation!!

By:Amartey Emmanuel (Pablo_scanty)
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