POETRY EXPERIENCE: Meet Deydzi a fast rising Spoken Word Artist

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odentewaa cleopatra: Good afternoon Deydzi

Deydzi: Afternoon

odentewaa cleopatra: Welcome to xpotainmentgh and thank you for honoring our invitation. Can you please tell us your name and a little bit of yourself

Deydzi: Okay. My name is Dodzi K. Aveh. I use Deydzi as my pseudony/stagename (as in trying to spell the pidgin phrase "Dey gee" like my Ewe name "Dodzi")
Dodzi means be patient or take heart... And that's Dey gee in pidgin. Well I'm a Level 200 Student at University of Ghana reading Theatre Arts and English language. Aside school I'm a spoken word artiste... Focusing on hip hop poetry. Blogger, An actor and a host and assistant producer with the open air theatre show on Univers 105.7fm. I also have a thing for writing short stories

odentewaa cleopatra: That's nice to know but hope you are a true definition of your name

Deydzi: Ooo yhhh. I'm really patient. But I was a very troublesome baby and toddler

odentewaa cleopatra: Oh really? Then I guess you made your parents talked much when you were a baby

Deydzi: Yh welll I did. My dad is into filming. So there are a lot of home videos of my epic childhood moments

odentewaa cleopatra: haha! That was just by the way. You made mention of being a spoken word artiste, blogger, actor, host and an assistant producer. How do you manage all these since you are a student

Deydzi: Alright... These things are related to my areas of Study. When entering the university I picked courses that will be relevant in building my talents and interests. Theatre Arts revolves around acting and stage performance. I've learnt a lot in two years which have helped in the way I deliver my pieces

odentewaa cleopatra: Ok that means you don't encounter any challenges since you are familiar with it

Deydzi: The only challenge I encounter is time management once in a while. And with the radio... The station is Owned by the university... So we the students work there as volunteers. Our show is once a week on Sundays... So I'm able to manage

odentewaa cleopatra: that's all good to know. So how did you start it all

Deydzi: Alright. For acting my dad is a theatre arts lecturer so whenever they needed children in short movies and plays ... I was used. So when I entered senior high school I quickly joined the drama troupe. I became the president in my second year. I quite remember we were to compete in the senior high school EHALAKASA poetry slam. And we were short of poets. So I wrote a piece and since then I've been writing spoken word pieces. When I entered University, I got the chance to perform on Gombila The Poet's Sobolo plus Chicken poetry Show. Through the Show I met Andy.com who happened to be Gombila's manager and the Producer of Open Air theatre show. So he got me on board
With Blogging I'm a very passionate writer, I was actually looking for an avenue to express my self without anyone telling me what to do. So two of my friends pushed me to start a blog. Sampson who blogs at everydayGladiator.blogspot.com and Elaine who blogs at redefining.blogspot.com

odentewaa cleopatra: Wow that's incredible your friends did a great job by helping you push high. But what's the meaning of EHALAKASA if I may ask

Deydzi: Ehalakasa is the biggest spoken word movement and Community in Ghana. It was started with Sir Black and a few others. The word is a combination of 3 words from 3 local languages... As an attempt to define spoken word. Eha- song(Ewe), La- to sing (GA), Kasa- speak (Twi)

odentewaa cleopatra: Oh I see. That's cool. So how far do you wish to indulge  in creative writing

Deydzi: As far as I can go. I'm not exactly sure what I want to do with my life after school.But I know it revolves around acting and spoken word

odentewaa cleopatra: Oh ok good to know. I can see you really have interest in spoken word so can you give me a freestyle. I know spoken word is a stage performance but a little writing will do

Deydzi: Alright
They say we're tripping to places that Christians shouldn't dare...
Moving in circles outside the holy sphere...
Y'all forgetting the spirit is everywhere...
He created everything....
Even the things you fear...
See his grace and mercies made us limitless...
Y'all land grounded... I'm soaring Airbone...
Y'all missed out a ride on board the plane truth....
Blinded by your lasting lust and hypocrisy...
We broke the chains of slavery we crossing the Mississippi...
Let bygones be bygones...
But what right do you have to call my art secular!!!
The son of man died on a cross... Cross that out... Pie R squared...
I'm creating my own area...
Tell me what's unholy about me Challenging crooked systems...
(this is my heartbeat)

An excerpt from something I'm working on

 Odentewaa cleopatra: Amazing! A great heartbeat indeed. Nice piece though

Deydzi: Yeah, thanks. My blogs title is Life's junkyard. The address is deydzi.wordpress.com

odentewaa cleopatra: Why that name?

Deydzi: Well... When I started writing, I've had people call my pieces nonsense... So when I opened the blog for my "nonsense" I named it that... Because just like a junkyard people will see trash... Others will find hidden treasures which might be useful "an honest opinion about life, most likely to be practical nonsense... But in the midst of all the huge piles of rubbish one might find hidden treasures". So my blog posts varies from spoken word pieces to short stories, life experiences and my take on certain societal issues. Hence the catch phrase.... Anything, everything, nothing... And with spoken word... My pieces are not necessarily Christian but are Christian themed. I write about anything that comes to heart from a Christian perspective

odentewaa cleopatra: Awwww that's awesome! Wow you are really gifted. So how do you get your message across.do you have a specific place you share your piece or you share it at any convenient place available

Deydzi: At the moment I've had the opportunity to do only live performances.... I'm working on a Short audio compilation dubbed "Misconceptions: The trilogy" It was supposed to come out soon time last year but I got delayed by some few unforeseen circumstances. And by the ending of the year I should be almost done with my debut album. So it will come out latest by march. The "Identity EP" would include colabos with both other spoken word artistes as well as artistes from other genres, like rap, Jazz, Afro pop and probably dancehall

odentewaa cleopatra: Oh ok..that's cool but hope you will get me a copy as soon as you through with it

Deydzi: Sure you will be the first person. My goal is too redefine the manner in which spoken word is performed. I want to impact lives with my art

odentewaa cleopatra: Wow such a great guy with great goals. Well Dodzi,we gradually coming to the end of the interview but before that,I want you to tell us what inspires or motivates you to keep working harder in order to achieve your goals in future.

Deydzi: Alright I'm motivated by alot of things and people, the things around and my experience. I have 5 main role models. I refer to them as the five pillars. Lecrae Moore an American Hip hop Artiste, Sir Black a Ghanaian free flow performance artiste, Mr. Afrifa Kwakye Agyemang, He was my mentor and Teacher in Ghanata Senior high school. Dr. Africanus Aveh My father.... The one who gave me early exposure in relation to theatre. Finally, my mum... Gladys Amele De-Tada who focused on giving me a strong spiritual foundation. Aside these five I'm inspired by a host of local and international artistes

odentewaa cleopatra: Wow!Amazing.then I guess you owe your FIVE PILLARS a big thanks since they made you who you are today so Deydzi what's your final word or message to poets, upcoming poets, spoken word artists and people who have interest in writing but don't know how to go about it.

Deydzi: Find your voice... Be yourself and be relevant

odentewaa cleopatra: Lovely message Deydzi.thank you very much for honoring our invitation for this interview.we really appreciate your time been spent with us. God bless you as you persue your dreams and may his favour lead you wherever you go.thank you once again.

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