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Why are women so strange?

Why these creatures can’t change?
Love them … they are selfish
Ignore them... they run to you like dogs
Care for them … they become spoiled and childish
Offer them your love and they will refuse
Be generous to them and they will abuse
Be cruel to them and they will be like shoes
Give them … they will only take
Sacrifice for them … and that will be your biggest mistake
Be passionate with them … they will tell you “give me a break”
If you give them respect..
you will really regret... Because all they will give you is neglect
Disregard them … they bend on their knees
forget about them … they will beg you please
Be nice … they will be cold like ice
Its better to be rude … or else you will be misconstrued
Offend them … they treat you as a king
Please them … they become really mean
Treat them as a queen …
They treat you as if you are nothing
Treat them as a slave and they will really behave
Only when you are lost …they will appreciate
Tell them you don’t want them … they will surely wait
If I could find a woman who has different character… that would be great....

By:Amartey Emmanuel (Pablo_scanty)
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