Does Ghana @ 60 Really Need To Be Celebrated?

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It is sad and pity to be in a joyous mood for the upcoming celebration, Ghana @ 60. I askedl myself, is it necessary? What has Mother Ghana achieved since gaining Independence? Are the achievements our struggles of livelihood, lack of clean drinking water, power cuts and struggling of graduands to obtain employment?Is Donald Trump right to say "we learn nothing from being Colonised? Yes he is without doubt. "Blackman can't manage his own affairs", is a hard truth but we are pretending to overlook the statement. As good citizens of our beloved motherland, Ghana, we need to be united and focus on the development of our country. We can't only rely on the government to deliver but we also have to make necessary efforts to contribute as much as we can. Encouraging our youth to engage in backyard farming, small milk production, learning of skills and so on will help in many ways, instead our youth are bussy joining organization such as National Youth Unemployment Program for graduates. Is absurd, we don't need to be employed to live a comfortable life, our educational system is chocked with the ability of a student to memorize and pass exams not the application of knowledge into solving problems in our social lifes. In most of our government offices there are no work to be done but workers are being paid without equivalent output. How do we expect to develop from such lackadaisical behavior?. Workers should be made to work with strict supervision and set goals of our public sectors must be achieved on regular basics. Importation of tomatoes and cabbage from Burkina Faso is a shameful act and as a country we need to be serious in our agricultural sectors, farmers go through a long chain before obtaining support to grow more food but is amazing how our Parliamentarians increase their monthly salary without any brouhaha. Our economy is in crisis, we can help ourselves by patronizing "made in Ghana" goods but the issue is that, our own made in Ghana goods are more expensive than the foreign ones. We need to solve that issue before we complain of lack of patronage. Ghanaians also tend to respect foreigners than their own people, a foreigner can just walk into any governmental institution and request for a National I.D Card or Passport and will be attended to as quickly as possible but a Ghanaian will have wake up at 2am and join a long queue just to be told, the number of people to be interviewed for the day is up. The love of our country is being traded with money from total strangers. If only we Ghanaians will realize our shortcomings and lack of love for our country, we will be awakened from our 60 years of slumbering and help make Ghana a better place. As a native of Chamba in Northern Ghana, I will do my best to uplift the image of our country and put the love of our motherland into the hearts of Ghanaians. We have only one Ghana, together we can make it a better place.
By: Fayaad Babs-Khalid
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