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Kenkey is a Ghanaian staple food of the Ga, Akan and Ewe tribe. The Gas call it Komi, the akans call it dorkunu and the Ewes call it kon.
It is prepared solely with maize flour and the maize husk is used for it's packaging. Except for the fante kenkey that has plantain leaves for it's covering. It is served with soup, stew and preferably pepper sauce with plenty of fish and onions.
It can be eaten with pear as well

7th March 2016, the maiden edition of the kenkey festival was organized successfully at Jamestown and it was a massive event with quite a number of artistes gracing the occasion, to entertain the crowd whiles they ate. 
This year isn't going to be an exception. It's going down at the same venue on 4th March 2017.
With the recent trend of shs diaries on social media, it's no doubt we've all missed our shs school days and we all know that there's no school menu that does not have kenkey. Without kenkey, school menu ain't school menu. So let's all go and finish all the kenkey in Accra. See you there

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