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The entertainment industry is gradually being invaded by some kind of entertainment that is also very educational. In that case, we'll call it edutainment right?
Poetry has given birth to spoken word, which is being done by quite a number of the youth who find interest in it. But unfortunately, not much attention is being given to it, even though the artists are trying their very best to push the art.
Realizing that, we here at xpotainmentgh have added a special feature to our blog which is not found on any other blog. This feature is the "creative writing" label you find on the blog. It is to enable our authors blog about works and events that fall within this category, as much as they blog about other entertainment issues.
Last year, we came up with an interview series dubbed "Poetry Experience" to help poets and spoken word artistes come out with their works and learn about the art as well. This year, we are bringing you something much more special and fun! It's a competition for all poets and spoken word artistes. We have dubbed it "TRIAL BY POETRY".
The whole idea of "TRIAL BY POETRY" is this; It's going to be like a court case where the contestant will be accused of a theme he/she loves to write about. The accusations will be made by the contestant. Contestants will be grouped into the various themes they stand accused of and they'll have to plead guilty. In pleading guilty or standing accused, each contestant will defend it with a piece on the theme and people will have to vote for you with their comments and shares. So the contestant who gets the highest comments and shares, wins.
The winner for each category will then contest in the final stage by writing on a general theme to be given by the host.
The overall winner gets free publicity for a month.
Interested persons should kindly send a whatsapp message to 0272013290
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