Whats Next After Years of Being Locked Up

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It is absurd to see our youth being jailed for crimes that could have been avoided. For most crimes committed, it is the call for hunger or greed. Youth of this century are so much into luxurious materials and will do anything to obtain what their heart desires.
My issue is not focused on what our youths did before being jailed but what is next after being released from jail. Many serve lots of years in jail and come out as handicaps, they have no trade, no capital, no education and no skill. They were made to weed, eat and sleep during their time in jail. We don't need an Angel Gabriel to descend and inform us that they will be jailed as young criminals and brought out as professional criminals.
Socialization is part of human attributes and people living together learn from each other, just imagine a  criminal in the name of Atta Ayi locked up in the same cell with a mobile phone thief, he will surely graduate with a criminal mind and if not with 1st Class it shall surely be Upper Class. Most families abandon their siblings when they are jailed and after they are released, they have no where to go but live on the streets and try their best to survive, most end up back to their place of abode, jail. Guidance and counseling are making a meaningless work, if the prisoners are not well transformed in every sector of their lives being it moral, skill, emotions, tolerance, patients, learners and God fearing people.
In Brazil, the government saw that
it was difficult for most criminals to survive after being locked up for so many years. Prisoners were made to learn how to read and write and afterwards they were given a huge sums of books to read, the more books they read, the more their tenure in jail is reduced. So those who accepted this path spent less time in jail and came out as academicians. They became knowledgeable and acquired necessary skills that will help them cope in the outside world. If similar system can be adopted in Ghana, it will help in minimizing the rate of crimes and will increase productivity in terms of human resources. No man is born a handicap lets avoid creating more handicaps. Nation Building invloves all citizens irrespective of their situation or predicament. We all have to move in a common direction with flexible ways of fixing those astray to be back on the road in our developmental journey.

written By: Fayaad Babs-Khalid

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