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Around 4:00 pm on Wednesday March 1, thousands of people were gathered  with their phones, cameras and other smart devices taking shots and recordings of the awful accident which occurred on the newly constructed Kwame Nkrumah Circle Interchange also known as Dubai.

A trailer was moving from the Ring road, heading towards the Obetsebi roundabout, when the driver lost control of the vehicle.

The 40-foot trailer fell off the over pass with the head coming down first then the cargo, leaving the other cargo hanging over the disrupted rail of the overpass containing bags of sugar.

Two commercial vehicles without passengers suffered from the fall of the trailer. There was no casualty recorded from the frightful accident.

The police and some fire officials were present to restore order and sanity at the scene. The cargos which were loaded with sugar have been secured  to be moved  from the road to ease the movement of other vehicles and pedestrians.

The police said the driver with his counterpart survived the crash but  were no where to be found afterwards.
The  driver is alleged to not have possessed the right license  and not eligible to drive vehicles as big as a trailer.
“ We are still investigating” is a popular cliché been used by the Ghanaian police.

Installation of Traffic and video surveillance cameras along the busy roads to monitor traffic, issue tickets for moving violations, record license plates data of moving violation vehicles can go a long way in aiding investigations.

Along with monitoring the roads for accidents or major closures, footage from cameras are influential in decisions regarding 

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