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Describing a campus Girl in a nutshell, is “a decent girl who is pursuing her education” but this definition’s tone sounds great in minds of our parents, guardians, friends and relatives who have no experience of being on campus. The standard stereotype of campus girls include; Church Princess, Mummies Daughter, Gold digger, whore-for-sake-of-ma­rks, showy elephant and manipulative mouse. I guess there is no need to explain those labels I mentioned above, perhaps they are a food for thought but I think they are classified expressions.

To clear your minds of the certain brouhaha I might have caused, when we say a Church Princess, is just a normal girl who every guy yearns for as a future wife, they are simple, caring, religious and all the good attributes are associated to them. But when you do observe them carefully, you will realize one common trait among them not to use the word ugly, they are not that physical attractive, they are usually slim with flat chest and buttocks or fat with a notorious exhibition of belly. But, there are few that will blow your mind, they hardly fall prey to tricks of the predators and have a sound mind for learning. But the question that lingers my mind is do these girls have a reason for choosing such pathway? Or is it their physical looks that forces them to accept this path?

The Mummies Daughter is similar to the Church Princess. They have a favourite quote they always say “My mother said…….” Guys usually get frustrated with them, because they always talk of their mother, they are scared to part take in activities that guys are involved because of the negative and primitive ideas they have been inculcated with at home. They are those if care is not taken, will be a punching bag for their husband’s, they can’t keep mute but spew what their mothers have taught them, without exhibiting a sense of maturity. Guys who are able to overcome the frustration these girls are causing them, will eventually be able to manipulate them and get the reward, thus, being laid. After that Mummy will never own her Daughter.

Gold digger girls are usually beautiful girls though, every guy and his taste for women, some are in for curvy girls, stick thin and mostly want a fully figured woman and these Gold Diggers are not excluded from these descriptions. They are well equipped with physical attractive features, I quiet remember when the display of her lady’s “behind” nearly had me fell into a manhole. These girls are smart, intelligent and work with a plan, they will do anything to get what they want, they don’t care giving their body  for a reward of an opportunity.


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  1. Its a nice try but I disagree with the physical features of those who are " Church princess"