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Day in day out, I keep asking myself one simple question and seem not to get the appropriate answer to this question but I  made a little enquiry and this happens to be some answers to my question CAN MONEY BUY LOVE?

Speaking to Fafa Ruby,a student of GIJ,she says:
"NO, MONEY CAN NEVER BUY LOVE because I believe money has it's own love while true love has its own love. In the sense that,a girl who loves money will do just anything to get a man who can spend much on her even if it means marrying him without love".

"She cares about his status in society and cares less about his well being and always ready to put her needs before his".

I dare to differ because  if someone does not love you,no amount of money or gift can draw the person's attention to your side.

Well, this was her response to my question now let's move to the other perspective which was also said by Nina a colleague of Fafa :

Many people believe that money rules the world therefore it can buy anything you desire provided you are ''fucken dusted''. "

Here in Ghana, there is a common saying that goes ''na love you go chop'' and the youth of today now move with that saying because some Ghanaian women prefer men who are rich to men who are handsome,highly educated,hard working or honest because many get into relationships for their own benefits".

"I've come to believe everything in life comes with a price and it amounts to keeping a loved one happy else you going to loose them to".

Some "love experts" also go by the phrase ''swag isn't going to pay the bills later'' cause if you should just mind the looks without the strength of the pocket then what assurance do you have that everything will be perfect later on.

To them, the reality is that keeping love comes with a cost. So one should be ready to pay that price.

These are what my Co-ladies are saying.

So now what do you also think.


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