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Introducing the first set of poets.
They stand accused of speaking for African tradition

I am the Nativegirl, I am Odomankoma's weaver
I weave beautiful fabrics with words, my woven clothes cannot be compared to Bonwire Kente.
I am a writer who uses her talent to address social issues. I am also passionate about tradition. My keen interest in women affairs has made many seen me as a feminist. I love to empower women,because a woman is like a tea bag, you will never know how strong she is, till she gets into hot water.
I stand accused of being the poet who is best at writing traditional and women empowerment poems.


I am Piesare The Black Poet, from Ghana.
*Piesare The Black Poet* lives to read and right, but loves writing about Africa (the black land), words them out in poetry.
In my eyes sleeps something called love that I have yet to see,
it is told by other men, not myself,
that the love for the land exist no more.
If there's no Africa,
There's no me,
For I am Africa,
The beauty you search.
*I am Piesare The Black Poet*


Waheed Musah (Hafrikan Prince) is a public figure and the Chief Representative of World Nations Of Writers Union  (WNWU), P.R.O of Nations Of Africa,  Creative Manager of New Tunes Entertainment, CEO of (GOKA) Go Kurative Africa, Founder of Interviewing and Publication,  and a Trustee Member of Pentasi B World. Hafrikan Prince is one of Africa's finest Ancestral Author, Playwright, Songwriter,  Spoken word artist, Motivational speaker, Creative director and a cultural activist, extremely innovative and talented in the field of promoting Afro-centric activities. Motivating and empowering the young African generation to stick to their valuable culture and tradition.After some series of personal researches he made, found out that many Africans do not know their cultural roots and this was what inspired Hafrikan Prince into creative art using Poetry, spoken word and drama as a channel to conscientize them about the need to preserve one’s culture, as a means of growth and development Especially, using art to educate, entertain and motivate the public on serious issues like: the merits of cultural preservation, unification, patriotism, peace, humanitarian, volunteerism and also the dangers of corruption, poverty, and political instability and above all empowering and inspiring the youth to harness their creative talents.

These great poets will need your support when the battle begins with each of them releasing a poem about the theme.
You'll vote for them by sharing the link on their walls, don't forget to tag your favorite poet. It's the only way we can keep track.
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