Legon Student Dies

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Earlier this year, there were prophesies that came up against young women in Ghana.

At a prayer retreat I attended with the Women Achievers Network, the same prophesy came up again. And so I ask, could it be the wrath of God that has come upon women?
What could this be? What could be the cause of the sudden sudden deaths of our young women?

Just this week, the daughter of the parliamentarian was laid to rest. And in no time, another unfortunate incident has happened again.

The death of a University of Ghana final year student by name Jennifer Nyarko was reported this morning. It is reported that, she fell from the fourth floor of Akuaffo Annex A.

The incident is said to have happened this dawn
The cause of the fall is unknown. No one knows whether it's a suicide or not.

As we celebrate international women's day, I suggest that more attention be given to our young ladies. Let us show interest in their lives and help them fight whatever battles they may be fighting

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