Patience and Understanding is Key

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It gets to a point in life when you're  so in a hurry that u don't even have the ear,for the nonsense u don't want to hear which could have made u better.Sometimes to its Anger

Anger kills patience and doesn't have understanding.After the anger is gone,go back and try reviewing the things that happened within the period which u were angry and u will see how much of a chaos u caused,just because u weren't patient enough to understand a simple statement made by someone.Maybe it was anger,other times it could be because u didn't have a second for a word.

And after all that,u sit and feel bad just because u didn't have patience.What am i saying.In your daily run be patient and try to accept views from others.Don't be too offended to listen.Or too hurt that u can't listen.There is good in that.

Patience is an essential to get you to the top,it brings you understanding.Every heart,has a way of managing patience😌.It's personal(singular).Don't be in a rush.
Love is patient,so be patient🙇🏾.

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