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Growing up,I thought I had a pretty good idea of  what being a woman meant. Most women around me were successful,others were not well to do due to some form of abuse.

Many have different perspective on women and have different philosophies on how to be happy.So I find myself wondering,what exactly does it mean to be a woman?

To be a woman, in the first place is  recognizing the complexity that comes with all of that.

It's hurts to know that the right of some women is being curtailed through all sort of abuse .Women are not treated with  dignity. The pain and torture women go through.

The importance of a woman is not well recognized as compared to that of a man. When a woman goes through abuse,she is not to report ,all in the name of saving some other person's reputation while she dies within.

Let women enjoy being  women and  love the woman they are becoming. May women be acknowledged in our society and beyond.

#lets say No to Violence and rise up for change#.

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