The Illusion of Kumkum bhagya and the likes

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it's not surprising to see the street of many towns as quiet as a cemetery during the night, the multitude of ladies and few of the gents minds are burried in front of the television. 
The crying and wailing of the baby is not paid attention to, the foods are getting burnt, the sounds from the cheering women is waking up the sick. I began to wonder the essence of these telenovela shows and how it will have positive influence on our society. Almost 99% of such movie shows are about Love and the illusions associated with it. Some women as fragile as their minds might believe everything they watch, the fairytale and drama in it, the good couples always end up together and lived "happily after". Its entertaining to end your day with such drama. I can't hide the fact that we do also learn from Soap Operas without noticing, here are a few romantic phrases i learnt from Mexican Opera shows; No quiero vivir sin ti (I don’t want to live without you)
Te amo tanto (I love you so much)
Le puso los cuernos a él (she cheated on him). But the idea behind most telenovela shows are mostly the opposite of our world.

Good vs. Evil
No rich, beautiful princess or handsome prince with a heart of gold could ever capture our hearts, the heroine of the story has to be poor or unattractive person with a heart of gold. To add to the glasses, a maid or a farmer is largely used as heroines of the shows.

There is a character being it  a maid, a disabled or a queer fish who provides funny statements and comi relief, is usually the wisest and most believable character.

There is no shortage of gasps, sighs and hand gestures to add to an already ridiculous situation. A lost family member can be a gardener in his own parents house, being maltreated, until a granny comes from the town of "whoeverknows" to break the news upon seeing his resamblance when her son was young, strange and funny because no one noticed.

Family trees have more branches than you can count, e.g. Edwardo's
dad turns out to be her uncle while her love interest turns out to be her long lost nephew. Keeping up with the extended branches of the family tree is the only reason to watch on a daily basis since everything else is neatly wrapped up in final week, culminating in the final episodes that inevitable circumstances.

Wedding Bells
What would a novela’s final episode be if it didn’t include the happy ending of happy endings. Sounds of bells all over, I can't tell if is a tradition or sign to tell us they have ended a long lasting and awaiting end.

But atleast, it brings joy and happiness to some homes, families are united and emotional while watching such shows, unnecessary tears of joy and a cheerful clap for someone who predicts the next scene.  

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