A Woman or A Sex Toy

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Life isn't a porn movie, women are human beings and need to be respected. The biggest insult a woman could receive is an accusation about her being sexually unadventurous. When did sex become more than sex? When did our women become sex toys? why are they seen as sex toys?. Questions upon questions wondering my thoughts. Is it due to expectations gleaned from the fruits of the porn industry, sex has morphed into much more than a primordially instinctual activity. Perhaps is the indecency attitude portrayed by our ladies, their mode of dressing is ungodly, am sure satan might be wondering if he is the only one sent down to lead "man" astray or perhaps women were sent too. It is difficult to see guys advertising their naked self on social media, but our ladies are bussy competing against each other for the one with most curved hips, standing breasts and big butt. No wonder they are investing much in purchasing products to suit their desire forgetting about the future consequences. Half dress naked only attracts sexual desires, is bad a way of marketing. Advertise good products like; hardworking, good character, decent behavior and dressing, good manners and courtesy. That will bring you a customer with integrity and self respect for women. Men are naturally polygamous, it takes a few to control their sexual desires and be faithful, not because they are not but other women are calling them to their bed not acknowledging the fact that they might be married or engaged. Why won't women be seen as sex toys? Your appearance dictates what is thought of you. Is time our ladies wipe the idea that they are sex toys and behave responsible. The best advise comes at dawn but with a smelling mouth. A food for taught, expressed with might.

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