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Below are their pieces of the theme; AFRICA!


I fear no Terror at night
Nor the arrows carried in the day
Remind them  I'm with no fear
For I have a negroian blood dropped in me
I will dream like how they do
To drive my pieces into fibres

Tell that monster of humanity
To resign and stop the trade of human
After shiping our precious jewels to their countries
Getting us lost into Darkness
Fading our histories with our economic healings
Building their splendors with our sweat
Tell them it's over,Yes! It's over

Allow the stupid cant
To stop relocating our image with his true replica
Dragging us lost into thick forest and distraction
Tell that slave master to come and continue his duties
Tell him to come and enjoy his massions
And stop calling them Forts
We need them not again

Remind the Queen , for her independence meant nothing
Here lies Ghana a Slave in the hands of Donors
Yet our worries  kept our mentalities as slaves again
Turning us right in to Sycophants
After the slave master retard our economy
And come back to be the Investor

Allow the Dove to plead on our behalf
For the mind of respect and retribution has gone with our mentalities
No healing from heaven
To regain our strength from the power of slavery
When at all shall freedom knock our doors?
To pamper our destiny from emotional accidents
Where Ghana shall freely raise the flag with no fear?
Our dreams are not doomed with slavery but rather our mentalities.



I knew from the start

I was in love with the land

Mine ideas was in hardworking

I felt it in her eyes

I felt her wanting to be loved

As she ever wanted

Her tears in the now,

Telling the beautiful past with grief

The past was beautiful

And today is enjoying it pains

As to the morning of the day, it shows nothing

Than hungry smiling faces

Running from the coming night

For our brains sees no more

They are blind to see the walking dream of our forefathers

Where freedom means nothing to the poor heart

Where freedom means nothing to the hungry belly

Where freedom means nothing to the jobless hand

Where freedom means nothing to a divorced continent

Where freedom means nothing to her

She sleeps in tears

Waiting for tomorrow to come with a living hope

For those in the now are dead
And refuses to live on.

By Piesare The Black Poet
Date: 6 - 08 - 2016.
Setting: West Hills.


My forefathers and foremothers were captured, displayed in zoos and public events, Naked*
They were displayed for sale like sheep, goats and cows.

My hero's and sheros were unlimitedly forced without rest to work all days and all nights.
Even in chains that bondage their strength,
They created that civilized white world.
Even in chains that bondage their powers,
They built that developed white world.
With all their unrested body, soul, mind and spirit.
They demonstrated that, the supramacy of the black brain, the African brain is so advanced.

Africa is more then a continent
And she needs the commitment of her people to focus towards her development and to fight for her liberation.
Africans, we are not bad people ohhhh, Yes we are not.
They always pollute our minds to be senselessly senseless.
Africans fighting Africans,
Blacks  killing Blacks.
How long shall we allow them to continue to deceive us?
Do we know, all they care for is the large percentage of our progress and resources?

Our leaders and people are beaten like kids,
Tortured and assassinated even in their own independent home lands.

Muammar Gaddafi was captured and killed
Bringing the end to one of the longest ruling dynasty in the world.
He was a man of a kind.
The free Libya is now a slave libya.
Patrice Lumumba was assassinated for no cause.
And what did we do and what are we doing nothing  oh nothing.

Africa, it is time to see the light.
These cannibalistic people are pouring a lot a lot of money to destroy Africa.
Corrupting us to underdevelop ourselves, to unable us develop our continent.
Nkruham, Nkruham, Nkruham the show handsome  boy,was a visionarian,
He was a developmental Dynamist dynamite.
He solely sowed a seed of great and developmental codes for African development.
These people came in and corrupted the minds of Africans to see them as enemies of progress.
And look at Ghana today, still lack visions to progress.
Oh see them ambushing innocents sons and daughters of Africa,
Oh see them slaughtering our leaders, our people like chickens.
We can't sit down and look at them mislead us
And kill our leaders.
They always poison our minds, souls and spirits with deep lies to have us fight and kill one other.
Disuniting our political parties to fight as enemies, slowing down development.
They always deceive our modern leaders and people with materials talks and a lot of money to destabilize their own continent.
After, they brush them way.
They work very hard to rape Africa
Creating conflicts for more to be destroyed
After, they send in their corrupted militaries to come in to destroy us more.
Look, Africa is blessed with a lot of civilized, intelligence and experienced people.
So leave us alone, leave our lands for us
We can develop ourselves.
Leave us and see how mighty Africa is.

Enough is Enough
Aiming to destabilized Africa
Why this inhuman action?
Can't you see your dirty and inhuman behaviour
Has caused a lot of broken homes, a lot of blood lost.
And now you stand with your evil photography to snap us
To show how inferior Africa is to the world.
When that was what you wanted to achieved.

Ah leave us alone, we are capable people living in a capable continent.
You call your securities, peace makers but death squad are their hidden original name
Just to depopulate Africa.
Africa don't produce arms and guns
So how come the continent is flooded with powerful arms and bombs.
Do you think We don't know?
You STIR up people created those secret terrorism groups in Africa.
You rise up people from their communities and have their souls, minds and spirits poisoned with deep lies and promised them a lot of millions and billions dollars,
Along with powerful arms for greater destructions.
Mission to un-peace their nations and continent
Killing and terrorizing people here and there.
We claim Muslims are responsible for the terrorism that's happening anywhere around the globe.
The youth are blamed for all the miseries that exist in Africa today.
Damn liars, uncivilized liars, cheaters, monsters, beast in beautiful and colourful coats and tires.
Brain full of corruption and inhuman codes.
Propagandizing the innocent people of these beautiful and heavenly blessed continent Africa
To hate, fight and kill one other
So as to enrich some of their NGOs and public companies.
Africans, can't we see they always kill us without any due process of the law.
Oh no is time
We have to stand up and fight
And insist on our freedom.

They hate our leaders
Because they are super visionarians, super intelligent, super smart and super capable in building the Africa world
Then what is next?
They send in their corrupted secret agencies to come in to tear apart the Social and economic progress of our countries.
As a plan to put pressures on the governments.
Making the continent un-peace.

Africa the time is now.
Can't you see they are breaking up the economical soul of our continent

Oh making Africans suffer and die with much hardship.
This is nonsense, meaning no sense.
Yes I can remember many years back how they abused my ancestors, my industrious ancestors
These people are so wicked
Going into homes, ambushing families with  children.
Castrating the fathers in front of their children.
Peeling off the skin of their faces, urinating  into their mouths
The women were raped, both daughters and mothers in front of their fathers and husbands.
Sometimes, I cry.

Liars, beast, Monsters
When they finish creating the violence
They then fly in into Africa crates marked with humanitarian aid, which are arms and drugs for massive destructions.
Steal our resources and fly it back.
They are destabilizing our continent
Also killing us with deadly diseases
They created fever epidermic, Aids, Ebola and many more launched it to kill Africans.
No, no no
Africa!  Africa!!   Africa!!!
It's time to fight,
Time to protect,
Time to insist on our freedom,
Time to build a new Africa world
Africa, rise and shine
Unite as one strong lovely people
To develop Africa above

Hafrikan Prince

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