Why Women Do What They Do.

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Women are special creatures but complex and complicated. These nature of women has made man to see them as mysterious creatures. A woman's "Yes" may actually mean "No" and her "No" may actually mean "Yes" but sometimes her "Yes" means "Yes" whiles her "No" means "No". You can't blame men who find it difficult to comprehend or digest what women say. There's no man who is a walking encyclopedia in the matter of women, the wise knows much because of intense experience but might fumble since not all women are the same, even in general everyone has a unique character.

Women are Smart
You can't be complicated when you ain't smart. Truly complicated individuals are intelligent or they won't be capable of navigating the complexity that is going on in their minds.  Before a guy approaches a woman, she already knows your intentions but pretend not to, just to push you to the wall. She knows guys like challenge and won't give up easily, so she will try to drag you as long as possible before she gives in.

Women are Motivated by Logic
Women are rational thinkers and are motivated by Logic. They live in different realities from men. A woman might ask her man, "How do I look", a honest man might end up in the hospital, for her, the only logical answer to say is to compliment her; " You look gorgeous", "You look beautiful and sexy" etc.

Women find Comfort in Gossiping
Women can't keep secrets,  it gives them a lot of body pain and throat sore, when they keep secret. To them they don't view it as being untrustworthy providing they only tell two or three of their friends.

Women are Weird
Women will never have anything to wear though their closet is full of newly bought clothes. If her husband is not patient, he can spew out words of regret. She may cry for no reasons, and make her husband look foolish. If he ask what is the problem, she will tell him there's no problem but actually there is, it might be what he said to her three (3) years ago.

All other things being equal, they are loving creatures and we find comfort in them. Their multiple task mind is a gift men jealous, it takes 0.1% of men to be cooking, feeding a baby and washing dishes, at the same time watching telenovela though 99% of men who do that end up burning the food, or eat half of the babies food.
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