Do you know why you are still poor?

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1. We Still Love Job.

When will we start to hate job? We have to start to hate job today! We have to start telling our young children from age 10 and above that job is not available again, and if it is available, it is no more good like the days of our fathers. We are very poor because we love job. Moreover Job security is a major issue, most people are affiliated to a particular party, and if their party leaves power they might be thrown out of their work places. E.g Cocoa Board and other places.

2. We’re Unwilling to Sacrifice
The reason people end up poor or in some type of financial hardship is because of bad behavior, "Success with money is only 20 percent head knowledge. A person's actions have to change in order to win — and most aren't willing to sacrifice to do that. You don’t have to drink milk or eat expensive food because you can. “I can doesn't mean you should”, we have to sacrifice for a better tomorrow.

3. We’re Trying to Have It All

People end up broke because they want too many things too soon. This is especially challenging for recent college graduates who go from living on peanuts to having a livable paycheck but still can't "realistically afford the new house and the new car and the nights out and the holidays abroad," This gets particularly dangerous when you start using credit to fund all those purchases, which "can cripple your future financial life."
Instead of trying to have it all, picking one big "want" to budget for, and leave the rest for the future when you've had a chance to build up some savings and earn a pay raise. "Living one more year like a student while saving your first paychecks can help tremendously,"

4. We Don’t Stick To A Budget

Having a budget is personal finance, yet many people still don't have a budget or don't stick to one. "Many end up in financial hardship because they think they don't need a budget "No matter how rich or poor you are, a budget is almost always a necessity because it can help you figure out where your money problems are and what you can do to improve your financial situation,".

5. We’re Trying to Get Rich Quick
Too many people are looking for the quick and easy way out of poverty and are trying to get rich quick. Whether it is a hot stock, a job or business idea, too many of us chase the idea that we can come into extraordinary wealth overnight.
Sadly, it doesn't work this way. You have to put in the hard work to become rich. We see the rich now, thinking they got lucky or made it without much work. But we don't see behind the scenes at just how much work they put in to get where they are.

There is a saying that, Rome wasn’t built in a day, no matter where you find yourself, you can make it, you have start believing in yourself, learn to sacrifice, take risk, appreciate the little effort you make, never give up and always be thankful and proud of your achievements. Little drop of water makes a mighty ocean, as you invest, learn to save, holidays and night party can come to being after setting the pace, for now overlook this things and set a target for yourself. Peace, Shalom, Salam.

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