How to Unlock new Algo Huawei Modems

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Network Service Providers are making huge sums of money by selling Network Unlock Code to Huawie Modem users likewise some other software company such as DC Unlocker Co. Ltd. I will like to teach how to simple unlock your modem and for free.
First of all, you have to be able to locate where your modems "imei" number is, which is usually written on the modem. For most more modem you have to check where your sim is place or use a software to obtain your imei number. The old huawei imei starts with 35xxxx.. whiles the new algo starts with 86xxxx.
After you have located your imei number, you have to visit this site to obtain your unlock code, you just have to paste your imei number into the space provide and click on calculate.

After obtaining the code, you have insect a different sim other than the modems network, for instance you have a Vodafone Modem, then you have to use any other network like; glo, airtel or mtn.

Some modem softwares will ask you of unlock code then you simple paste it or type it in. In case your modem software doesn't ask of an unlock code, download a software called "The Shield.exe" and then use it to unlock. GoodLuck

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