Online Fraud

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The lack of knowledge about the internet has increased the rate of fraudulent activities worldwide. Many people have taken the internet as a business venture for investment, but they lack certain knowledge about the internet which makes them fall victims to fraudulent people. The internet is full of unscrupulous people who are ready to dupe anyone who falls to their deceitful plays. My research on “Online Fraudulent Activities” has brought me to light and I will fall no more to any scam game online.

These Scammers are mostly on “Dating Sites”, they either pretend to be the opposite sex or be themselves but hardly do they use their own pictures. They use various pictures of porn stars such as “Raven Riley, Lana Brooks and others” to scam people usually men in the United States of America. These scammers are mostly from Africa, Romania and the Philippines. They communicate with their victims for many years without their victims meeting them in person base on well planned excuses they provide to their victims, they try their best to win the trust of their victims by appearing on cam with the help of a software called “Many Cam” which helps a video to be played as cam to their victims. After winning the trust of their victims, they then start to request for money to pay their internet bills, plane tickets, visa fee, passport, just to mention a few.
Most Dating Sites are actually owned by fraudulent men with the aim of getting access to Credit Cards information and then they either sell it or they use it to shop online, pay sites or buy VPN accounts. The use of Credit Card online is not secure and should only be used on recognized sites. In case of having doubt about a site, visit, paste URL of the site in the space provided, and then vital information about the site will be displayed, which will help you decide if it’s really a scam site or not.
I would like to advice people to be aware of the activities of these fraudulent people and also share their knowledge about these con men, by “telling a friend, to tell a friend, to tell a friend”. Together we can make the internet a scam free zone. 

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