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IMCS Pax Romana is a Catholic Students society found in universities with the aim of developing a learning experience which helps students to become more deeply aware of their own faith in Jesus Christ as an experience to which they bear witness through their commitment to build up a more just society; to promote the apostolate of students among students; to cooperate with all those who are working to build up a more equitable social order at the national, continental and international levels. The association, which represents Catholic students at international level in universities and higher education, pursues its objectives by trying to spread Catholic student movements throughout the world and Catholic Institute of Business and Technology being a Catholic institution has the society too.
As part of it's annual activities, CIBT Pax Romana has organised a Pax week celebration to bring their members together in order to fraternise and socialize. A lot of activities for the Pax week celebrations have been laid down beginning with repp your school. Where students are expected to come to school clad in their previous senior high school uniforms.
Below are pictures from the program, beginning with some schools that were represented
 St.  Margaret Mary, PJ and Merries


 St. Aquinas was in the building

 Corpus Christi as well

 It's no doubt, PJ was highly represented

 When Father meets his son...

 Pojosma? ?

No gari moments, no repp your school 

 And there was jama

The Youth chaplain, Rev. Fr. Blaise Attachie couldn't be left out
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