World War III

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The Western and the Eastern are still influencing situations on most countries. It is difficult to stay away from both of them without fear of getting bullied. The sad truth is that Africa and Middle East bear the most consequences of these so called "Super Powers", they have less intentions in fighting each other but they engage each other in proxy wars for their various parochial  interest and political philosophy. 


The Western which are of greater might than their Eastern counter part are only interested in professing Democracy or Capitalism whiles the Eastern are interested in professing Communism. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Eastern has lost its strength and are trying as much as they can to rise up to their former self. Many think the situation at Middle East is about Islamic Radicals fighting for Independence to build an Islamic state, but is rather more of a political agenda than a religious one. Is not rocket science to believe is a political situation, it doesn't make sense seeing Muslims killing each other in the name of building an Islamic state, or it is a Sunni-Shia conflict but rather a political agenda. The media is either controlled by the Western or the Eastern chauvinisms, is pity to become uniformed when you don't watch the news and is much sad and misleading when you watch the news and get misinformed. The Syrian war in particular is awakening the buried truth, the Western against the Syrian government whiles the Eastern in support of the government. Both groups will undoubtedly support their welfare in various means, either by cash or ammunition, I sometimes wonder their reasoning capabilities, and it is surprising of their inability to think much about the children, women, men, old and the sick people who face greater consequences of these irresponsible behaviours of the so called "Super Powers". A clear Hypocrisy in disguise, if both super powers will bury their arrogance, the world will be a better place. Technology was developed for warfare but rather welfare. If our voices and grievances will be heard it might help limit the disastrous acts of these two groups. We have no power to change the course of the situation in Syria but to lift our hands up high and pray and to also support in various ways we can in other to quench the blazing fire in the country.

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