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Below are their pieces of the them


Cardiac arrest, when I first saw you 
Serendipity, I describe it
Hearts racing, Adrenaline rushing
Your smile, familiar as ages past
Falling timelessly, falling forward
Too young to understand

Mirrors on my ceiling
I hardly know you
But feel deem fit to write your biography
My mind, My heart
Unending chasm
No matter how hard I try,
Try to push you away
You always here, my mirrors reflection

A cosmic conspiracy
The magical mystery that brings two people together
How many coincidence had to happen for me and you
Every moment lived, led to meeting you
Like the painting on Da Vinci’s canvas

My passion, all yours
Nature’s design, can’t fathom
My emotions, 
You, my amour
The chemistry between our kinetic field
The immense attraction as Einstein’s relativity
Just as a girl’s pink

My twin flame
How ironic, had to become blind to see,
To see my self-reliance dependent on your attachment.
 Oh dear! My nepenthe! 
Thoughts of your gaze at my pupil’s vision
Mind’s telepathy, wondering on Cupid’s island 
Whirling around the universe
How come? 
This numbness I feel, this self-inflicting disorder,
This brontide, whenever you are yards away within my eye’s glimpse
And when close enough, am a living dead, breathing the breath of charm

O! Oxford!
Oh! Shakespeare, 
Define my chaos, my re-birth, my fascinated desire
My heartbeat, my mind’s conflict,
And at the sight of you, I regain my normalcy like an anesthesia
You, my Romeo
My heart did the choosing
And it chose You.



It was love...
 When in your eyes a gem I saw shining brightly like a diamond scintillating.
It was love...
When cold shivers run through my spine as I beheld the beauty of thine face, emitting rays of splendiferous attraction.
It was love...
When you conspicuously touched the helm of my heart and fuddled me with the mellifluous flow of thine lips.
It was love...
When the moon bent on your lips to form a smile bow, showing your readiness for the long awaited light from the sun.
It was love...
When you humbly became the panacea to my cardiovascular condition, performing an emotional surgery to put it in shape.
It was love...
When you pierced through my innermost being with your unadulterated words and intoxicated my eyes with your beautiful mead.
It was love...
When you stepped out in fantasy and answered to my life's call, rushing like a wind to get to the top of my world.,
It was love...
When you diligently made a difference in my life and attractively abducted my second man.
It was love...
Still is love as I stare into your eyes and see my reflection, my heart pounding like a machine.
 Seated here with you in a place stopped in time
Lights flickering around us, soft music playing on the background.
It still is love...
As I gladly accept you as my partner and friend. To be there for you till the end of time 
It still is love...
As I happily embrace the warmth of your body, hormones rising and plants on your lips the fruit of kisses.
Drowning because you'll be mine forever
And I yours eternally.
It was love and still is love!!!

   © *Poetezz Nana Ama*


When I look at her
and she's already staring
When I am sad,she says nothing,
but hugs me
She's too caring
As the seasons changes to winter
We also cling to each other
and think of how to make each partner better
So that our hopes and dreams will not fade and fall
That's why I loved you yesterday,love you still
Always have and always will
Because we come off strong
doesn't mean there's nothing wrong
but we love to be loved and love
Our love is one that is sealed above
We kissed with mouth opened
We could survive under water
So nothing is able to stand our way
We kissed like the way the seas will never
stop kissing the shores
We were never obsessed without sex
Love does not need wine to be perfect
Love needs mutual understanding to be the best
Believe and trust in each other
and you will love forever
Love itself is not perfect
It's imperfect than us
So we tried to make it classic 
And I called it "Classic Love"


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