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Below are their pieces of the theme; INSPIRATION

1. Cold Winds

When all cool winds blow down the south
Cracking northen lips long enough
Savannah trees have become bare
Time is nigh for the breaking dawn

The call is loud
Time has changed

The tales of the traveler
Are reminders of strive.
They hold his chest of pride.
Sweat is bitter yet bores sweet.
Cool winds carry comfort
Deep sleep tickle dreams.

When the wind passes
Wake to live the dreams.

© Lansah Lawrence
       Feb. 2017

2.Ashaiman Boy

The town of Ashaiman to me is a nation
Our attitude and charisma draw inspiration
Just imagine the people who give us motivation
Quophi Nyarko, Abraham Attah, Thomas Partey, Bhimnation
We wake up everyday with the will to succeed without fear of intimidation
For the people of taboo line, hustling is our occupation
Y'ani abre koo, like a woman' menstruation
Ashaiman, the land of my birth
We dey hustle, we dey struggle, we dey rumble to the death
Survival of the fittest
From taxi driver to teacher
From pastor to rev
Novody bi nobody, we no dey see you sef
I was born in the ghetto
I lived in the slum and roamed on the streets
Your mother, my motto
Ade b3kye a na nipa su
Chale menni foko
Am just hoping s3 medi lotto
M'anante saa mabr3
From Tulaku to kubekro
Kaketo to jericho
Whatever will make man survive
Wode bisa bra belo
Big ups to all my women who sell fuck for 1 cedi
Tsinaa agbe, tutu line
Adakope, taboo line
Moa mobo ashawo
Moa motwe truck
Moa motwa kanto
Moa moton socks
God will bless your hustle
How do we gain employment when you reject anybody from Ashaiman because of morality
You despise us to the core because you know we are better in ability
You caused our financial disability
Because you failed to provide us with the necessary facilities
To make the future of Ashaiman a possibility.
We pass through torture
To create our own future
Just to make ourselves and our families richer
So that in the end
You will be fighting for our signature
Do you get the picture?
Ashaiman boys are hustlers
Treat us with some respect
Why do you always brand us as criminals and rape suspects?
We lie about our identity because of the gravity
Of the apathy you show us
Why don't you embrace us happily
And take us as family
So that we can adjust
This is my message
ashaiman boy

Ashiaman Boy


I stand in front of the mirror;
Another man stands at the other side,
Very handsome in his beautiful smile.
His broad nose can suck all the room’s air in
With just one intake.

Behind the mirror I see a man.
Wherever he goes
Grace and favour follows.

Inside of him lies uncountable goods
Day by day, they are discovered
One after the other.

In the mirror I see a great man
Whose future stands on a mountain’s peak
Emitting light so bright
To all and sundry.

Behind the mirror
I see a man through whom
Many mouths will be fed.

I see a man whose writings
Will by the whole world get read.

Behind the mirror
I see God’s eye’s apple.
You touch him,
You touch his preserver’s eye.

Behind the mirror I see a man
Who shares the Almighty’s DNA.

Behind the mirror I see a converging point
Through whom many people will be blessed.

Behind the mirror I see a man
With a heart full of gratitude.


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