What's Next After University?

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Questions most final year students ask themselves; What am I going to do after school? Will I get a Job? If I don't have a Job will my parents still aid me financially?.

Is sad and a pity our education system makes us ask more questions than aid us to answer them. The school system is established to reward those who can memorize and recall, than someone who really understand the concept and can apply it in real life.

But is it worthy to sit down and be blaming the educational system? Intelligent is the ability to adopt to a new environment. Most students ain't interested in establishing their own business but are eagerly waiting to be employed.

Some might be lucky to be employed others will be otherwise. But it will be absurd if you sit in the house only to be submitting application letter.

Basically you have learnt a lot of things at school, you just have to think a little harder than how you did in school. You have to only think of a way of earning. Is not how big you earn but how small you appreciate what you earn. Rome wasn't built in a day. 

Newly graduates can sometimes behave as nincompoops, they will party and squander all the the money they earn from National Service, forgetting is a one year job plan. The money might  be little, but squeezing your budget will yield fortunes tomorrow. Buying unnecessary stuffs is path to failure, spending on women is like signing a contract with poverty. Theres no happiness if you think of the present than the future. Ladies who only think of changing hair style, shopping and buying expensive cosmetics might bite thier finger in the future, a lady with a vision of " a man will come and marry me" is not a wife material. Such are those who marry for possession rather than love.

People who know nothing but laugh a lot always end up regretting, there is no straight path to success, people will discourage you along the path but bare in mind that they are just obstacles. Have confidence in what ever you are doing, be smart and focus, be different and unique among your peers, being a graduate doesn't mean you can't learn from others, no being has consumed all knowledge and wisdom, be humble to ask. But never forget those who lift you up and those who want your downfall. No matter how little you earn, learn to be charitable, money spent on good cause is an investment. Shalom, Salam, Peace.

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