Ghanaian and Nigerian Celebrities Roselyn Ngissah, Pascal Amanfo, Timothy Bentum and Mr. Kofi Asamoah endorses Isaac Kofi Arthur's *Beyond The Grave* novel."

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Finally the much awaited book (novel) * *Beyond The Grave*  is out.
Beyond The Grave novel (book) is an interesting and mouth watering novel to read. The use of picture illustrations of real actors will make you relate well with the characters and events they went through. Beyond the grave is a story about a young and beautiful girl called Aseye who was forced to live life alone after her parents demise caused by an accident  played by a new discovery in the movie industry called Mimi buari. Her resemblance with Nadia Buari make people wonder if they are twins. Whether they are sisters or not, you will find out when you read the book. The book was written and picture illustrated by Ceo of IA MULTIMEDIA and actor Isaac Kofi Arthur.
*Beyond The Grave* launch is on the 20th May, 2017 at the Royal Nick Hotel (Tema, Community 6, Brong Ahafo hall) near the Tsing Tao restaurant.  Time: 1:30-3:30pm and is strictly by invitation. The book price is 30 Ghana cedis.
The book is said to be the first of a kind style in the Ghana entertainment and book industry according to Mr. Isaac Kofi Arthur (Ceo of IA multimedia). After reading through some of the chapters by our men of God, film makers and celebrities, they were positive that the book will not only entertain readers but will also educate and shape them. They encouraged every youth out there to get a copy. They quoted one after the other
"A good read coming from a younger brother from another mother and also an acting colleague. Well usage of the English language and dramatic ally on point. I encourage all youth to read this book. Lots of lessons to be learnt from after reading".
Roselyn Ngissah (Actress, Public Figure)
"Very direct" use of the English language. Dramatically descriptive and engaging. A must read for every teenager.
Pascal Amanfo ( Apostle Man of God, filmaker and Evangelist)
"This is a master piece and first of its kind in our entertainment and book industry. With the introduction of picture illustrations using real upcoming actors will enable our movie audience accept the new crop or generation of actors and actresses. Its a good attempt and i encourage every youth and person out there to get a copy".
TIMOTHY BENTUM (President of Timothy Bentum Ministries (TBM), passionate preacher & Actor)
" I first met the author during the premiere of ‘‘Kalybos in China’’ and knew he had something great on the inside. After reading through some of the chapters of the novel, I can confidently say this book will revive our reading audience and affect the youth positively. I encourage every youth to grab a copy."
Kofi Asamoah (Film maker, Producer, Director CEO, KOFAS MEDIA)
Grab your copy now by calling +233 (0) 246 51 85 93/ + 233 (0) 268 334 938 (Whatsapp) ✍

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