Unfair treatment of Ghanaian Students by Scholarship Secretariat.

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It has come to our notice that the Scholarship Secretariat Board has abandoned the young Ghanaian students in Morocco pursuing thier Education under an awarded scholarship. 
For the past three months, Ghana has not given a penny to them as agreed on the contracts when students were awarded the scholarship. The Ghana Embassy said " They have not been contacted by the Scholarship Secretariat Board and have no idea when they will have access to any financial support". I just find it difficult to know how these young kids will feel when being given such news.
Some were unfortunate to secure an accommodation given by the schools and the unfortunate ones were forced to look elsewhere, the little money given to them are mostly used for rent, light and water bill, internet bill and for transportation.
Is sad, students as young as 16 to 20 years old are facing such predicament and if this is how our government will treat these students, then the award is not worthwhile.
I hope the right thing will be done as soon as possible to provide sound and peaceful mind to our young heroes pursuing thier education.
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