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Do something fun

Do something that will not only surprise your partner, but they’ll have a good time engaging in. It’ll make you seem much less boring if they’re having a great time doing something fun.

Don’t talk about yourself too much

People who talk about themselves all the time are the most boring types. I realize you’re on the date to get to know one another, so you obviously must mention things about yourself.

However, don’t just sit there and go over all your favorites without ever giving them a chance to think or respond. That’s boring for them, and it makes you seem boring in turn.

Ask questions – but not too many

Another way to not be boring is to just ask them questions. However, you don’t want it to seem like they’re in an interview instead of a date. By this, I mean ask questions about them but not one after another.

If they mention how much they love reading, ask them more about that topic and what they specifically like about it. And be genuinely curious about it because that will be entertaining.

Find out what they like prior to the date

Learn some of their likes and dislikes. Then create a date far more enjoyable for them. That way they won’t feel awkward or have to pretend to enjoy something.

Do something interactive

Don’t just go sit at a movie and then go to dinner. If you really want to be fun and not boring, go on a date that’s interactive. Meaning, go on a date that you actually do stuff. Maybe a wine and painting night, really anything you participate in.

Use body language

Words aren’t the only way to seem not boring. You also use body language to show them you’re a fun person. To do this, keep your toes pointed in their direction, nod along when they’re talking, and even reach out and touch them from time to time. Those are all things that make them see you’re engaged and active in the discussion.

Be spontaneous

Don’t do something they expect. Don’t plan the whole date down to every minute and hour. Instead, plan one thing, but do three. After dinner, decide on the spot what to do next. Keeping your date on their toes certainly makes you not boring.

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