Afia Schwarzenegger was tricked with Water - Abrokwa reveals

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The ex husband of popular comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger has revealed that he tricked the wife with water to get evidence.
Mr Lawrence Abrokwa who recorded a video of Afia after he caught her having an affair with another man is expected to appear before the Domestic Violence Court for his role in the circulation of the video.
 Mr Abrokwa, who was spotted with a bottle in the video, said he intentionally filled an empty bottle with normal water as a plan to get Afia to confess.
 In the video, Afia Schwarzenegger is seen wearing a headscarf and clad in a white towel trying to shield her private parts from the preying lenses of the camera.
No the video, Afia Schwarzenheger was also spotted screaming and crying while her ‘husband’ asked her if ‘that is how she is?’
After the incident, Mr Abrokwa, said, She was running from common water to serve as evidence.

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