Guru claims Charterhouse has not been fair to him

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Maradona Yeboah Adei a Hiplife Artiste popularly know in showbitz as Guru has expressed his concerns about organisers of the annual music awards not being fair to him.

He strongly emphasize that for some years now Charterhouse has failed to recognize his hard work as an artiste therefore leaving him with no award at the Ghana Music awards

Guru has officially submitted an official withdrawal letter to the organisers of the  Ghana Music awards after expressing his displeasure of this year's edition.

He withdrew shorty after the nominees were announced

He said Charterhouse has just not being fair to him after speaking on an interview with KJM on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM

"Anytime I try making a comment about awards it turns out to be something else. I'm not the organiser of the whole awards thing, I don't know what they are looking for, what they think I lack and what I have to work on because I have always been working on my self and trying to mount my own stage, making sure I get the songs to the people and so what it takes to win",he said

"I don't want to speak on behalf of Charterhouse",the rapper stressed.

Guru answered "No" when asked if Charterhouse has being fair to him and that was also the main reason why he pulled out last year because he thought he has to work on something that they thought he is lacking.

Head of communication at Charterhouse George Quaye reacted to Guru’s comment noting that they only saw the information on social media and that the events outfit did not receive any official statement from the artiste making his intentions clear about redrawing from the award scheme.

"He pulled out as some point from this year’s scheme. Well, I didn’t see an official statement to that effect. I saw it on social media that he has pulled out,” he statedHe further explained. “I personally reached him as a brother and spoke to him that there is no point in pulling out and explained the process to him, as far as I was concerned he was backing it.”
“I don’t remember him issuing any statement to the contrary, if he wants to pull out officially it is his prerogative, it is his work, it is not mine, it is not yours.
“But if the gentleman says for these reasons I don’t want to be a part of this scheme, the best we can do is to have a discussion with him and ask him his reasons.”
“If after exploring and he still insist on not being part of it, there is absolutely nothing anybody can do, it is the artiste’s prerogative and we would have to respect that,” he concluded.
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