M.anifest gives his Account on the Tragic Gas Explosion at Atomic Junction.

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Ghanaian award-winning rapper M.anifest known in real life as Kwame Ametepee Tsikata has spoken on the gas explosion that was reported yesterday at Atomic Junction.
M.anifest stated that he, together with his family had moved from their home which is not far from the explosion site.

The rapper first posted, “There’s a raging fire in Madina!” to alert people coming towards that part of town to be careful, on his Twitter account.He seemed to be mystified by what had occurred. An hour later, the rapper indicated that again, “We've moved from our houses!!! Everyone has. Huge explosion and raging fire. Unbelievable. Madina”.

He however did not take it lightly on some social media users who were making hilarious statements and jokes about the explosion which is believed to have caused deaths.
He took to his Twitter handle and posted, “Even in times like this trolls with rotten hearts and empty souls feel the need to be on some bs. SMH” the rapper bemoaned.

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