Mr & Miss Teens Ghana

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The teens of our noble Motherland (GHANA), have a lot of talents hidden within them, even with those who have discovered it, have no platform to exhibit or even nature them.
The creative minds of these teens are left to only battle with books in the classrooms and nothing to help them explore the creative aspect of their brain. Hence they only become ‘Book long’, all this is due to the unavailable platform for the explorations of this creative brains.
More to it, our culture is as well wearing off when it comes to the knowledge of the teens, the teens are adapted to the western culture than that of Rour own culture.

  YOUTH CONNECT GROUP, have created this platform dubbed (MR & MISS TEENS GHANA), which is to help discover the great talents in the teens and help nature them as well as help improve the create mind and give the room to our teens to explore into the Ghanaian culture so as to become influential in the entire society through various edutainment activities set up during this reality show.
Youth Connect Group, strongly believes that with this platform (MR & MISS TEENS GHANA), the teens together with the entire Ghana will be educated and influence in many ways to aid in nation building.
Mr.  & Miss Teens Ghana is a reality show that seeks to educate and bring out the hidden talent of a teen through entertainment. Also to create a platform for upcoming talented teens to get exposed to the public and get other teens inspired

To create the platform to help in discovering, nurturing creativeness and also promote the practice of the Ghanaian culture among the teens.
To educate the entire Ghanaian population on youth empowerment.

Our mission is to help create a ready teen towards nation building and self-empowerment, this reality show is also to aid in the discovering of creativity and impartation of the Ghanaian cultural practice in the teens.
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