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Famous Rapper Yaa Pono performed live at the Jubilish Hall Week Artiste Night of the University of Ghana last Saturday.He was backed by Sugar Kwame as they displayed their talents to the admiration of the students.

Whiles performing,  he paused and advised the audience on what he considers as the best thing to do when suffering from poor memory retention. 

I have an advice for you,he said "If you learn and are not able to grasp, smoke .The audience applauded his comment obviously excited.

It is, still unknown  which substance the artist was suggesting  to the students.

Well, Yaa Pono, on several   occasions, has been accused of smoking marijuana and one cannot tell if that was what he was suggesting to his audience, since it's banned here in  Ghana.

In a recent interview, he admitted that he smokes but was quick to add that what he smokes cannot be mentioned on the radio. 

He, however, clearly pointed out  that he does not smoke cigarette.

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